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The burning suns of Africa

"Well, of course, I don"t mean to be awfully fond, and all that sort of thing, like lovers, you know, and all that! What do you think she--well, she"s fond of him?"

“Well fire away Delia” ses he still absarbed in his paper.



The room was again unlighted—at least to McCray"s eyes. There was not even that pink pseudo-light that had baffled him; here was nothing but the beam of his suit lamp. What it showed was cryptic. There were evidences of use: shelves, boxy contraptions that might have been cupboards, crude level surfaces attached to the walls that might have been workbenches. Yet they were queerly contrived, for it was not possible to guess from them much about the creatures who used them. Some were near the floor, some at waist height, some even suspended from the ceiling itself. A man would need a ladder to work at these benches and McCray, staring, thought briefly of many-armed blind giants or shapeless huge intelligent amoebae, and felt the skin prickle at the back of his neck.


A week later came another snowfall in the night. Next morning Mackellar set forth again; this time letting his little son Donald come along. He had told his family the far-fetched suspicion that had dawned upon him, and Donald had clamoured to join the hunt.


heels, or to cut one"s hair in a fringe--then a fashion that still was in favour. Her hats were kept on with elastic, and she seldom looked long at herself in the glass.

"We can"t tell, Hatcher. But you were right. He is in communication with others, it seems, and by paranormal means." Hatcher noted the dismay in what his assistant said. He understood the dismay well enough. It was one thing to work on a project involving paranormal forces as an exercise in theory. It was something else entirely to see them in operation.



He watched her read the letter, but her expression did not cloud; on the contrary, it brightened.


Was it Peters fault that when we got to the edge of the common the fence of Masters paddock had been freshly tarred? Must a little boy test the freshness of the paint on every fence before he wriggles half under it and stares at Wonderland on the other side? If so, this was a new law.

Point a gooseberry thorn at it nine times, saying, “Away, away, away!” and the stye will vanish presently and disappear.


termingled with suppressed laughter; and when he announced the last fact, Kaintuck joined in his hilarity.

I did not remain long in this danger, however, as the enemy, at the second fire from our people, left their ground and galloped out of sight.

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