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"You"re not going to give it to the missionaries, or any rubbish of that kind, I trust," interrupted Mr. Benthall. "Look here, Maude, depend upon it---- Oh! here"s her ladyship, don"t say a word about it before her. Good morning, Lady Caroline! This young lady and I have been discussing the propriety of writing to Mrs. Creswell announcing Gertrude"s approaching marriage."

  第九条 高校教材实行国家、省、学校三级规划制度。各级规划应有效衔接,各有侧重,适应不同层次、不同类型学校人才培养和教学需要。




"Kaintuck," he said, "may be you"re troubled in your mind about that boy?"


Their progress was now more speedy, though Arturus still kept on his guard. Jack admired the fellow more and more as he saw him work. He felt sure Arturus must be a born scout, and in the service of the Allies ashore on Gallipoli would prove himself to be a valuable man indeed.

Our modest hill-side heather,

Thought speeds where light plods. The mind of Herrell McCray covered light-millenia in a moment. It skipped the drifty void between spiral arms, threaded dust clouds, entered the compact central galactic sphere to which our Earth"s sector of the galaxy is only a remote and unimportant appendage. Here a great globular cluster of suns massed around a common center of gravity. McCray shrank himself to the perspective of a human body and stared in wonder. Mankind"s Sol lies in a tenuous, stretched-out arm, thinly populated by stellar standards: if Earth had circled one of these dense-clustered suns, what a different picture of the sky would have greeted the early shepherds! Where Man"s Earthbound eyes are fortunate to count a thousand stars in a winter sky, here were tens of thousands, bright enough to be a Sirius or a Capella at the bottom of a sink of atmosphere like Earth"s—tens of billions of stars in all, whirling close to each other, so that star greets star over distances that are hardly more than planetary. Sol"s nearest neighbor star is four light-years away. No single sun in this dense, gyrating central mass was as much as one light-year from its fellows.


The home was perfectly clean, although practically destitute of furniture. It was a most deserving case.

In the little inn at Narni, in company with six young gentlemen volunteers who had been enjoying a furlough in Rome, I sate and roared out the chorus as I picked up the words. To me they were glorious, and the air divine. At all events, the song was an improvement on many that went before and followed after.



“I guess she’s prostrated with the shock,” explained Rolf.

There came no answer, for at that moment Rafella"s husband drove in at the gate.


Hatcher checked through the members that he had left with the rest of his team and discovered that there were no immediate emergencies, so he took time to eat. In Hatcher"s race this was accomplished in ways not entirely pleasant to Earthmen. A slit in the lower hemisphere of his body opened, like a purse, emitting a thin, pussy, fetid fluid which Hatcher caught and poured into a disposal trough at the side of the eating room. He then stuffed the slit with pulpy vegetation the texture of kelp; it closed, and his body was supplied with nourishment for another day.

  第二十七条 中小学教材选用单位由省级教育行政部门根据当地实际情况确定。教材选用单位应当组建由多方代表参与的教材选用委员会,具体负责教材的选用工作。


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