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parts of the North to form a new par-ty which should be a-gainst the spread of sla-ver-y. So in June, 1856, most of the States sent del-e-gates to Phil-a-del-phi-a and then and there the Re-pub-li-can par-ty was formed. They chose John C. Fre-mont as their can-di-date for the Pres-i-den-cy. Fre-mont was known as a brave ex-plor-er in the plains of the West, and one who took part in the con-quest of Cal-i-for-ni-a.

Evidently John Biegler, “Jailer of the District of Danville,” to whom the prisoners were delivered and who had them in his custody several months, felt there was some likelihood of his charges escaping. His account against the state shows that on January 20, 1799,



Coventry"s leave was nearing its close. In a couple of days he was due to return to the station, and he sometimes surprised himself counting the hours. But he did not intend to desert "the shoot" before the appointed time, especially since the object in moving the camp to-day was to get within reach of a man-eating tiger whose terrible doings had scared all the people for miles around. The inhabitants of the little jungle villages were almost paralysed with fear, their crops were neglected, they dared not take out their cattle to graze; the brute was as active by day as by night, and had even been known to come into a hut and drag out his victim. From all accounts he was not of the usual mangy type that, enfeebled by age, finds man a much easier prey than the deer or the buffalo; he was described by the people as a creature of monstrous proportions, in the prime of life, and possessed with a spirit that was without doubt of the devil, since he slew beasts for caprice or amusement, and human beings for food. Many


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firearms might afford him. These strained relations between the two men, each watching the other, continued for about a week. On June 30, 1833, Simpson went in his boat from Ford’s Ferry down to Cave-in-Rock and, upon his return, stopped at Cedar Point and walked up to the home of Shouse. Whether Simpson had gone there to kill Shouse or to attempt to bring about a reconciliation is an unsettled question. He had reached a point in Shouse’s yard when, without warning, some one, firing from the second story window of Shouse’s log house, shot him in the back, inflicting a wound of which he died next morning.

  白岩松:双节8天假,青岛市共接待游客447.58万人次,这些人可能会心里发慌,有什么提醒和建议?复旦大学公共卫生学院教授 姜庆五:心里发慌,说明社会、公众有高度警惕性,这对防控疾病是一个很好的正面的要素,当然,过度发慌可以引导。我们看到“6+6”的确诊病例和无症状感染者,不是游客,是青岛居民,只有一个出租车司机可能有一定范围的接触,我们还有待于青岛市进一步的流行病学调查,把这些人这几天的活动范围、可能影响的范围框定,如果有一个严格框定,更有利于外地游客回去以后关注自己。当然,游客回去以后,尤其是在两周内,要关注自己的健康,这是必须的。

Coventry listened, amused, and kept his eyes closed. He knew that if Markham chose, he could tell some odd stories. He lay quiet and listened.


“But you can subdue the Greek within you, for surely the influence of your royal father is the stronger,” said Masistius.

“A young lady as wants to see you, Mr. Poirot. Here’s her card.”


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